club meeting with my slaves

I know I’ve been playing for a while—I know what time I started, I know I had like an hour…(x)

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kid in class : ” that’s cheating! “

me : 

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the wasted potential of mandy milkovich is my supervillain origin story

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Shameless Challenge - [2/3] Favourite Friendships → Mickey & Kevin

- Steven Segall here let somebody take all our cash.
- That’s because your pube loving husband wasn’t doing his job.
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okay i just started season 4 of it’s always sunny in philadelphia and 

"is it racist if we don’t eat this guy??"

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week three of filming season 5 and still no emma greenwell sightings

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Emmy Rossum on the ‘Shameless’ set in Pasadena (July 23, 2014)

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So many men have internalized the lie that they have uncontrollable sex drives, and no way to control their anger. They aren’t ashamed of their abusive behavior because they see it as a something natural to them and maybe even central to their masculinity. It’s scary as hell.

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when fans of a thing make you dislike a thing

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People, stop panicking about new cast members, and …


remember what a major psych-out Ralph Wong was. We were all worried before S3 that he was going to split up Gallavich because Cam was his little shitty self and said some thing like ‘Ralph might be better for Ian than Mickey because they seem to have more in common because of R.O.T.C.’ and what’d we get? One scene with Ian clearly annoyed with the boy, Mickey being adorably territorial, and them having reunion sex. This show uses day-players all of the time. I’m sure that’s what most of these new cast members are.

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I’m happy with who we are, even if you’re not.

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what if when we’re like 80 they remake harry potter and the kids of that time get to see peeves and st mungos and “it unscrews the other way” and “have a biscuit potter” and the portraits applauding in the headmasters office and no fucking breaking of the elder wand I’m going to be so pissed off

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