club meeting with my slaves

I’ve had a few breaks between filming here and there, but honestly, I go crazy if I’m not working. I find it harder to have down time. I don’t know what to do with myself. I need to be working on this job otherwise I go insane. Cameron Monaghan. August 2014

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Anonymous: "cam looks super skinny i wasnt worried about it before but now im worrying ian is supposed to be all muscled do you think its intentional or maybe cam just doesnt wanna bulk up for the part anymore? im scared sorry to bug you im just dying here"

sorry to be so unhelpful but i don’t really have an answer tbh :D i don’t really pay attention to that kind of stuff

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yeah no i agree like on the rare occasion i actually go on facebook i get bored after like 30 seconds blah

and lol my pee buddy’s sleeping she can’t even see me HA

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Fangirl Challenge ♚ ten male characters

↳ Chris Miles

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"sorry i didn’t respond to your text i was disenchanted with the entire human experience," a thrilling new memoir by me

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ian playing with the ends of mickey’s winter scarves, like tugging on the bottom and wrapping it around mickey’s head a million times, and mickey just stands there, his face looking more and more annoyed until ian looks up and sees it and he can’t help it, he buries his head in mickey’s neck and starts laughing and mickey quickly hides his smile in ian’s hair \(◕‿◕✿)/

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shut up


shut up


shut up

"reblogging again"

shut up


shut up

"finally someone said it"

shut up

finally someone said it omg bless this post i’m reblogging again because it’s back why doesn’t it have more notes omg

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okay we’re both on our laptops in a pitch black room at midnight. guess we have more in common than i thought

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aloneforeversam replied to your post: aloneforeversam replied to your post: …

boring people use facebook. it’s so ancient history already

lol i use the chat sometimes to talk to my school friends. YOU CALLING ME BORING?!??!?!?!

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