club meeting with my slaves

make me choose: andybernthal asked mickey milkovich or lip gallagher?

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Members of my flock had often told me that my sense of humor leaves much to be desired.

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  • me: tru tbh but like idk like but idk man u kno? idk
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It’s not over till they’re all dead.

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and at no point has anyone thought “maybe we should not build a giant flammable goat this year”


Why is it always “Dumbledore is my fave” or “Dumbledore is abusive” and never “Dumbledore is so fucking afraid of letting another dark wizard come to power that he channels his own darkness into training a human weapon from childhood to fight the darkness that he knows he can’t while pretending to be the wise wizard mentor that he wishes he actually was wow that is a super fascinating character and we should write all the fanfiction about it?”

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